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Why Recycle Surf Wax?

To save the ENVIRONMENT  and never have a shortage of SURF WAX !


          Surf Wax is made from a mixture of ingredients and costs around $3 a bar. Many bars of wax are petroleum based which is not a renewable resource. When your old surf wax is removed, there's still plenty of life left. Rather than tossing it in the trash, use the Wax Scrappler to reform the old wax into recycled bars that can be reapplied to your surfboard. 3  Easy steps: 1. Scrape it  2. Press it  3. Reapply it

          Growing up on the coast of Long Island, I have been around the ocean my whole life. Over the past years there has been a drastic increase in pollution along the coast. This ranges from plastic bottles, boating lines, garbage bags and much more. People don't realize how much of an impact that one bottle left behind has. The Wax Scrappler was developed to shine light on this issue while also solving one of the most common surfing problems, Not Having Surf Wax! Join the movement and become a Scrappler. Take a walk down your local beach and fill a bag of washed up waste. Every piece of garbage counts. 
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